Spiritual Retreats and Worship Workshops.

Since returning to Cape Town it has been awesome being invited to teach and facilitate at various church retreats and Worship Workshops and Conferences. Whilst the retreats have only been predominantly for Men's Groups or Ministries within the ambit of Christian Spiritual Formation and male spirituality, I do also enjoy taking couples. Regarding the Worship Workshops, this can either be for the ministry itself, or a worship-leader specific in-depth practical and spiritual workshop. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the possibilities of us getting this together for your church!

Spiritual Retreats: These range from single-day retreats to, what tends to happen mostly, those that are given over a weekend. I am able to travel should you wish me to do so.

Worship Workshops: Those that tend to work the best are given over the course of a day. Most churches tend toward that being a Saturday. What we deal with is basically discovering our highest calling and how we best serve God within that given our talents, gifting, and leadership abilities for those who have been called to lead. "The power to bless the world around you is a direct result of your ministry to the Lord" (Gerrit Gustafson). In these workshops we speak into what worship is, our calling within it, the anointing, worshipping in "Spirit and in Truth", and, among other areas, worship and the Presence of God. This normally takes until lunch-time. After lunch we get stuck into the practical side of church worship. This moves from instrumentation, vocal, harmonies, utilization of 'light and shade' in what we do, planning worship sets, best key options, and a host of other areas. I always summarise what we have learnt and mail that through in PDF format to each participant. Should you wish me to attend practices after that, I will gladly do so. I look forward to hearing from you in this regard!

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Written by Grant Nuss   
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 09:01

Amos 7:10; “Amos is raising a conspiracy against you in the very heart of Israel. The land cannot bear all his words.”

"Learn to communicate 'loud' truth as loud; 'hard' truth as hard; 'sweet' truth as sweet” (Tim Keller). I was inspired yesterday through a powerful sermon, to consider deleting my FaceBook page, but, due to needing to drive marketing via the business side of FB I need to stay ‘connected’ in part but will not be posting. Now, if we be honest, FaceBook is a bit of a ruse and a time-waster deluxe. So, as you may be aware, I am studying the Book of Amos and have been drawn back time and time again to one verse in particular, that of Amos 7:10. Think about it with me: Those of us who determine to preach the biblical truth here today in the 21st century, know that you need to be prepared to be ‘taken to the cleaners’! Perhaps like you, I know what that feels like. You see, tickled ears are the order of the day. Chris Tiegreen in his book entitled “Heaven on Earth”, unpacks this verse in context brilliantly, so I am going to share it with you. Chris states that; “It’s a conspiracy.” That’s the assessment of a paranoid priest warning a corrupt king of a prophet’s declaration of God’s plans for Israel. When Amos told the truth, he was considered a troublemaker, a disturber of the national peace, a mudslinger void of constructive criticism. Never mind that his message came directly from the God of Israel; the leaders of Israel didn’t like it. They saw it as an attempt to undermine the public order. That’s almost always the criticism when God’s people express God’s righteousness. The retort is not dissimilar to this; “God is a God of love; He wouldn’t be so judgemental.” “Why can’t you be more tolerant? God wants people to get along, to live and let live.” “You must be a miserable person to be so critical. The God I know has more compassion than that.” Such rebuttals have a lot of truth in them, but it’s truth out of balance. And truth out of balance is error. The truth is that God is loving and compassionate and a promoter of peace. But the truth is also that God is holy and righteous and cannot let sin reign in His Kingdom. Like any loving father, God sometimes rebukes His children, and sometimes the rebuke is stern. The God of love is a God of true love – love based on true foundations and uncompromising in its integrity. True love doesn’t let evil flourish. Every believer who expresses the will of God in a balanced way will draw criticism from those who have an unbalanced concept of God. The idea that God is intolerant of evil is seen as a threat to the public order. We who know God’s righteousness are seen as problematic. Citizens of God’s Kingdom are troublemakers to this world, while citizens of this world are troublemakers in God’s Kingdom. There is nothing wrong with pointing out the difference. Stand firm for truth and be salt and light in your world. The land can – and must – bear the words of warning.” You might also want to read Ezekiel 3:17 – 19 in this regard too.


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