Spiritual Retreats and Worship Workshops.

Since returning to Cape Town it has been awesome being invited to teach and facilitate at various church retreats and Worship Workshops and Conferences. Whilst the retreats have only been predominantly for Men's Groups or Ministries within the ambit of Christian Spiritual Formation and male spirituality, I do also enjoy taking couples. Regarding the Worship Workshops, this can either be for the ministry itself, or a worship-leader specific in-depth practical and spiritual workshop. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the possibilities of us getting this together for your church!

Spiritual Retreats: These range from single-day retreats to, what tends to happen mostly, those that are given over a weekend. I am able to travel should you wish me to do so.

Worship Workshops: Those that tend to work the best are given over the course of a day. Most churches tend toward that being a Saturday. What we deal with is basically discovering our highest calling and how we best serve God within that given our talents, gifting, and leadership abilities for those who have been called to lead. "The power to bless the world around you is a direct result of your ministry to the Lord" (Gerrit Gustafson). In these workshops we speak into what worship is, our calling within it, the anointing, worshipping in "Spirit and in Truth", and, among other areas, worship and the Presence of God. This normally takes until lunch-time. After lunch we get stuck into the practical side of church worship. This moves from instrumentation, vocal, harmonies, utilization of 'light and shade' in what we do, planning worship sets, best key options, and a host of other areas. I always summarise what we have learnt and mail that through in PDF format to each participant. Should you wish me to attend practices after that, I will gladly do so. I look forward to hearing from you in this regard!

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Written by Grant Nuss   
Sunday, 08 February 2015 17:25

I have been asked to do the teaching at a Spiritual Retreat in June and, in researching into what I have been asked to address, herewith some interesting bits of info on Spiritual formation for you to peruse;

A God-Shaped Heart: Integrity moves us to intervene on behalf of the powerless. A heart of integrity cannot remain unmoved when we have the power to help. Integrity not only unleashes a heart of courage, but also delivers us from apathy and passivity. Integrity is not just about keeping our hands clean. At times it is about getting our hands dirty. Integrity does not simply move us away from the path of evil, but moves us aggressively toward the path of good. Perhaps the best summary of integrity is that the heart of God is joined with the heart of man. The heartbeat of God pounds within our chests; His blood flows through our veins. What brings God pleasure brings us pleasure. What angers God brings our blood to a boil. Integrity will not stand by and watch the wicked oppress the weak. Like David, we make ourselves strong, not for the purpose of judging those who are afraid, but for delivering them from their fear. (McManus: Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul (Page 76).

Christian Spiritual Formation is about becoming like Jesus: “Spiritual Formation is the process through which those who love and trust Jesus Christ effectively take on His character. When this process is what it should be, they increasingly live their lives as He would if He were in their place. Their outward conformity to His example and His instructions rises towards fullness as their inward sources of action take on the same character of His. They come more and more to share His vision, love, hope, feelings and habits” (Dallas Willard).

Spiritual Formation Agenda: “The most important, most real, most lasting work, is accomplished in the depths of our heart. This work is solitary and interior. It cannot be seen by anyone, not even ourselves. It is a work known only to God. It is the work of heart purity, of soul conversion, of inward transformation, of life formation....Much intense formation work is necessary before we can stand the fires of heaven. Much training is necessary before we are the kind of persons who can safely and easily reign with God” (Richard Foster).

The Gospel-Driven Life: "The God of the Bible is a strange God - not the kind of God we can manage, manipulate, accommodate, or domesticate to our familiar experience" (Michael Horton).