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As requested by a number of you, herewith a few books that I strongly recommend.

The Case for the Psalms:Why they are Essential - N.T.Wright

Journey to the Common Good - Walter Brueggemann

Gagging Jesus: Things Jesus said we wish he hadn't - Phil Moore

Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God - Bob Kauflin

The Writings of the New Testament : An Interpretation - Luke Timothy Johnson

These titles I have been able to source through happy reading!

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Love is like a River ... so let it flow. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Grant Nuss   
Sunday, 30 November 2014 17:25

Matthew 5:43-44; “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbour and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

What is true is that some people will tempt you out of the flow of the Spirit, they will judge you, and the result is that you will feel discouraged. They will dislike you, and you will feel rejected. They may too throw roadblocks in your path which might cause you to stumble and, perhaps, even give up. Here’s what I have learnt, and, perhaps you have too, if you want to grow, then find a few difficult people like that.  Sound weird? The truth is this; If God wants to grow some quality in you, he may very well send you a person who tempts you to behave in just the opposite way. For example: If you want to grow in your ability to confront, a hard to confront intimidator will give you serious practice. I guess you may be asking; why does God allow difficult people in my life? Here’s the reason, just as he has allowed them in the lives of many of the heroes in the Bible. What do I mean? Well, Moses had Pharaoh. Elijah had Jezebel. David had Saul. John the Baptist had Herod. Jesus had Judas. So here’s the deal and one that I have only come to terms with recently, if God loves you and wants to shape and grow you to be better equipped and used by him, he will send some difficult people your way. But always remember that you are the difficult person he is sending to shape someone else. But here’s the deal (at least from my perspective), Jesus loved people who loved him as well as those who didn’t love him. He doesn’t do it because he has to; he does it because it is the only way to life. The key is not to give Satan a foothold and allow him to create disunity which has been his strategy from cover to cover of the Bible and still today, but, as Jesus personified, strive for the reconciling power of tenacious love. Where in your life is there a relationship that needs reconciliation? It may cost you a sacrifice. You may be thinking, “what for, they don’t deserve it” but consider Jesus in this context. He too loved sacrificially so that love could prevail in the end. My prayer is that you determine today to strive for the power of tenacious love. Do it anyway. Jesus (Matthew 22:37-39) identified what the primary focus of every person should be, that love is the basis for all obedience. Perhaps what you do as you mediate on our text for today and journal, is ask yourself; “How can I practically demonstrate today my love for God and my love for other people?” Perhaps it’s time to speak about forgiving and forgiveness in our lives and our communities. Here’s an amazing song that plays into this context. May you too let the love from your heart flow like a river!